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Friday, May 26, 2006

What I've Learned

I learned in this topic is how to plan putting up business development center. I learned how to use blog even though it is hard to enter because i don't know where to sign up. I learned also how to make load online, use the credit card online and make bank transaction online and also how you can promote your products using blog and other website.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bank Deposit

Bank Deposit is applicable in our Cooperative because we are transacting our business outside the province of Camarines Norte.
Our product who sold outside are the Cassava Chips who used by so many farmers and businessman for their swine and poultry. They mixed it to the feeds they are presently using to their animals.
Another one is the Decorticated Formosa Pineapple Fiber who used by our buyer in their paper production. They also used it in making clothes especially uniform for the government and private employees all over the philippines.
We are also promoting our products which are the Handmade Paper Products and Handloom Weaving of PiƱa Cloth which are made up of pineapple.
So I beleive that Bank Deposit transaction will help both to our buyers and the Cooperative to transac business easy and fastest way.
To new businessman/agency who are interested in our business you can contact:
Mario M. Espeso
General Manager
Labo Progressive Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Brgy. Malasugui, Labo, Camarines Norte
Telefax # (054) 585 - 24 - 55
Mobile # 0918-5011341

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Your Choice

Birth Certificate

If you want to request a copy of your Birth Certificate and other Civil Registry Documents online you can now visit this website

Union Bank EON

Opening a new credit card account in Union Bank Eon is to easy because they give you where you will sign up. If you are interested to join you can visit their website

My Ayala

When I visited website, I found that even the prices of their products is high they sure that the quality of their goods is also high that the customer will satisfy their needs and interest. This is one of their secret why they succed.

Pinoy Delikasi

Just like, assure that they products have a high quality even though their products are cakes and pastries and make up from the philippines. All filipino foods are delicious. When you taste it you will come back to by the product again.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Train the Trainors Training Experience

This is a big opportunity for me to become one of the trainee choosen by my Manager Mr. Mario Espeso to represent our Cooperative. The experience I've been encountered in this training is very memorable especially when we are making a presentation. I know with my self after taking a demonstration, I fight my fear whose my number one enemy when I am infront of many people especially if they're already know the topics that I am going to discuss. I also learned more about computers, the tools, their uses, different parts of hardware and software. How to use Powerpoint, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Flash Animation, Microsoft Access and Visual basic Application. This new learnings help me a lot and in our cooperative coz I will apply it when I went back to my office.

To all the people inside in this Training Program (AWCF, INWENT, NATCCO, LMVMPTS Cooperative, PBSP, ITS & Ateneo Instructors who share their knowledge with us), THANK YOU very much.